The Causes And Risk Factors Of Diabetes

This is a brief review of the causes and risk factors of Diabetes before we get into the specifics of each type and your role in managing your condition.  Prediabetes and Type 2 Diabetes Researchers don’t yet fully understand why some people develop Prediabetes and Type 2 Diabetes and others don’t. What is clear is that there are certain factors…

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Hypoglycemia-How To Recognize And Manage Low Blood Sugar

One of the most important lessons for diabetics is about Hypoglycemia-how to recognize and manage low blood sugar. Issues with fluctuating blood sugar (glucose) levels put you at risk for some serious complications. And, treating yourself or someone whose blood sugar is below normal could save a life. For many diabetics, hypoglycemia means a glucose level of 70 or less…

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The Effects of Diabetes On Your Body And Your Life

The effects of Diabetes on your body and your life will be evident from head to toe if it’s not managed the right way. Diabetes is not a simple condition that can be dismissed with a pill or an over-the-counter remedy. It is a complex disorder of your metabolism that causes damage to the body systems and organs through an…

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