Thyroid Hormone-A-Connection To Increased Cholesterol And Diabetes

Just when we think we have this whole “health thing” figured out, we hear about thyroid hormone-a connection to increased cholesterol and diabetes. Sigh. As a patient once told me,“these poor hearts of ours are either scattered or shattered.” Smart guy. So, here’s the story: Too much or too little thyroid hormone can make your cholesterol levels go up OR down….

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The Challenge Of Sexual Dysfunction For Diabetics

  The challenge of sexual dysfunction for Diabetics is due to significant, long-term complications from a high level of glucose (sugar) in the bloodstream. Over time, one of these complications results in sexual dysfunction. A common problem for diabetic men is Erectile Dysfunction. This is the inability to get or keep an adequate erection for satisfying sexual activity. In some…

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Hypoglycemia-How To Recognize And Manage Low Blood Sugar

One of the most important lessons for diabetics is about Hypoglycemia-how to recognize and manage low blood sugar. Issues with fluctuating blood sugar (glucose) levels put you at risk for some serious complications. And, treating yourself or someone whose blood sugar is below normal could save a life. For many diabetics, hypoglycemia means a glucose level of 70 or less…

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Metabolic Syndrome-Big Bellies And Heart Disease

As if you didn’t have enough to worry about already, I’m about to tell you about Metabolic Syndrome-big bellies and heart disease… I can hear your groans now but read on.  It has something to do with an early death…   Besides the usual suspects, such as high cholesterol and lack of exercise, there is a “group” of invaders working together…

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Healthy Obesity And Other Tall Tales

 This is a story about healthy obesity and other tall tales, perpetrated by some in search of answers.  It started with some “health professionals” noticing that not everyone who is carrying too many pounds has health problems. Some people who are overweight and even technically “obese” manage to escape the usual hazards… And they even came up with an official…

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